Standards ACI ACI 305.1: Specification for Hot Weather Concreting
 ACI 305.1: Specification for Hot Weather Concreting  pdf Download
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ACI 305.1: Specification for Hot Weather Concreting pdf Download

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This specification covers requirements for hot weather concrete construction.
This specification supplements the contract documents and provides requirements for the Contractor.
This specification governs for construction within its scope, but the contract documents govern if there is a conflict.
This specification governs if there is a conflict with its reference standards.
The Contractor is permitted to submit written alternatives to a provision in the specification.
Do not use this specification in conjunction with ACI 301,350.5,522.1, or ACI 530.1 unless contract document states that this specification governs for work covered by 1.1.1.
Ignore provisions of the specification that are not applicable to the work.
Values to this specification are stated in inch-pound units. A companion specification in SI units is also available.
The Notes to Specifier are not part of this specification.
Section 1 - General Section 2 - Products Section 3 - Execution Notes to Specifier General Notes Foreword to Checklists Appendix a - Example of Uno Equation Used to Determine Surface Evaporation Rate of Fresh Concrete Appendix B - Example of Nrmca Nomograph for Estimating Surface Evaporation Rate on the Basis of Menzel Formula