Standards NFPA NFPA 1917: Standard for Automotive Ambulances
NFPA 1917: Standard for Automotive Ambulances  pdf Download
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NFPA 1917: Standard for Automotive Ambulances pdf Download

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Provide safe and reliable patient transport in emergencies and enhanced safety for emergency medical personnel responding on and delivering service from compliant ambulance vehicles with NFPA 1917. Ensure new ambulances meet the requirements in the first edition of NFPA 1917: Standard for Automotive Ambulances. Developed with consideration of the Federal Specification KKK-A-1822 and NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, NFPA 1917 defines the minimum requirements for the design, performance, and testing of new automotive ambulances intended for use under emergency conditions to provide medical treatment and transportation of sick or injured people to appropriate medical facilities. This all-new Standard: Contains definitions based on the terminology in use today, Presents general requirements for ambulance design and performance, along with standalone chapters for ambulance components, including chassis, patient compartment, low voltage electrical systems and warning devices, line voltage electrical systems, Specifies provisions for test methods, Streamlines technical information through numerous charts and graphics, References documents including the NFPA 70® (NEC®), NFPA 1901, and NFPA 1906; ASTM, IPC, and SAE publications; ANSI/UL , Standards; and other Government publications, NFPA 1917 provides guidance for ambulance manufacturers and testing organizations that certify ambulances. This document will also assist emergency medical service purchasing officials and State EMS officials in meeting the most up-to-date safety standards for ambulance transport vehicles.