Standards ACI ACI 549.1R: Design Guide for Ferrocement
 ACI 549.1R: Design Guide for Ferrocement  pdf Download
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ACI 549.1R: Design Guide for Ferrocement pdf Download

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This guide provides technical information on physical and mechanical properties, design criteria, and testing of ferrocement. The objectives are to promote the most effective use of ferrocement in terrestrial structures, provide architects and engineers with the necessary tools to specify and use ferrocement, and provide owners or their representatives with a reference document to check the acceptability of a ferrocement alternative in a given application.
Chapter 1 - General Chapter 2 - Terminology Chapter 3 - Materials Chapter 4 - Design Chapter 5 - Fabrication Chapter 6 - Maintenance and Repair Chapter 7 - Testing Chapter 8 - References Appendix a - Calculation of Volume Fraction of Reinforcement Appendix B - Flexural Strength Analysis of Ferrocement Sections Appendix C - Simplified Design Aids Appendix D - Surface Treatment for Ferrocement Structures Attacked by Commonly Used Chemicals