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For drawing production and management with full integration of design and drafting throughout yourentire project! RAM CADstudio is an AutoCAD add-on that helps you speed up the production of yourdeliverables. RAM CADstudio is designed to provide the “missing link” between the analytical modeland construction drawings; CADstudio helps keep your drawings current and your projects on budget. The program offers unparalleled integration and efficiency to engineers and CAD specialists. With RAM CADstudio engineers and CAD specialists no longer need to worry about last minuteanalytical changes making it onto the drawings correctly. Finally, no more time spent with red-linesto pick up analytical model changes. At Bentley, we realize how valuable your time is, and now withRAM CADstudio you can minimize the time you spend on generating and coordinating constructiondocuments within the office. CADstudio provides huge advantages to the design office for both theengineer and CAD specialist, even when they are the same person.