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Mechanics and Properties of Composed Materials and Structures pdf Download

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Andreas Ochsner, Lucas F. M. da Silva, Holm Altenbach
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This collection of recent activities provides researchers and scientists with the latest trends in characterization and developments of composed materials and structures. Here, the expression ‘composed materials’ indicates a wider range than the expression ‘composite material’ which is many times limited to classical fibre reinforced plastics. The idea of composed structures and materials is to join different components in order to obtain in total better properties than one of the single constituents can provide. In this collection, well known experts present their research on composed materials such as textile composites, sandwich plates, hollow sphere structures, reinforced concrete as well as classical fibre reinforced materials.
.-Numerical Model for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Masonry Structures. .-Wrinkling Analysis of Rectangular Soft-Core Composite Sandwich Plates. .-Artificial Neural Network Modelling of Glass Laminate Sample Shape Influence on the ESPI Modes. .-Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structural Steel Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Test Frames. .-Acoustical Properties of Cellular Materials. .-Simulation of the Temperature Change Induced by a Laser Pulse on a CFRP Composite using a Finite Element Code for Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing. .-Macroscopic Behavior and Damage of a Particulate Composite with a Crosslinked Polymer Matrix. .-Computational Simulations on Through-drying of Yarn Packages with Superheated Steam. .-Anisotropic Stiffened Panel Buckling and Bending Analyses using Rayleigh-Ritz Method. .-Investigation of Cu-Cu Ultrasonic Bonding in Multi-Chip Package using Non-Conductive Adhesive. .-Natural Vibration Analysis of Soft Core Corrugated Sandwich Plates using Three-Dimensional Finite Element Method. .-A New High Strength 0-3 PZT Composite for Structural Health Monitoring. .-Free Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Plates with Temperature-Dependent Properties of the Core Materials and Functionally Graded Face Sheets.
Materials science, Surfaces (Physics), Materials, Testing of materials, Ceramics & glass technology