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Marine Applications of Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Composites pdf Download

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Jasper Graham-Jones, John Summerscales
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The marine environment presents significant challenges for materials due to the potential for corrosion by salt water, extreme pressures when deeply submerged and high stresses arising from variable weather. Well-designed fibre-reinforced composites can perform effectively in the marine environment and are lightweight alternatives to metal components and more durable than wood. Marine Applications of Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Composites examines the technology, application and environmental considerations in choosing a fibre-reinforced composite system for use in marine structures. This book is divided into two parts. The chapters in Part One explore the manufacture, mechanical behavior and structural performance of marine composites, and also look at the testing of these composites and end of life environmental considerations. The chapters in Part Two then investigate the applications of marine composites, specifically for renewable energy devices, offshore oil and gas applications, rigging and sails. Underwater repair of marine composites is also reviewed. Comprehensively examines all aspects of fibre-reinforced marine composites, including the latest advances in design, manufacturing methods and performanceAssesses the environmental impacts of using fibre-reinforced composites in marine environments, including end of life considerationsReviews advanced fibre-reinforced composites for renewable energy devices, rigging, sail textiles, sail shape optimisation and offshore oil and gas applications
1: Introduction Part One: Manufacture, Performance, Testing and Disposal 2: Composites manufacturing for marine structures 3: Manufacture of marine composite sandwich structures 4: Fracture modes, damage tolerance and failure mitigation in marine composites 5: Moisture measurement and effects on properties of marine composites 6: Behavior of marine composite materials under deep submergence 7: Nondestructive testing and structural health monitoring of marine composite structures 8: Disposal of composite boats and other marine composites Part Two: Applications of Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Composites in Marine Structures 9: Advanced fibre-reinforced composites for marine renewable energy devices 10: Composites in offshore oil and gas applications 11: Underwater repair with composites 12: Application of composite materials to yacht rigging 13: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) sail shape optimisation 14: Textiles to composites: 3D moulding and automated fibre placement for flexible membranes
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