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Illustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selection pdf Download

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Your one-stop, comprehensive guide to commercial doors and door hardware-from the brand you trust Illustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selection is the only book of its kind to compile all the relevant information regarding design, specifications, crafting, and reviewing shop drawings for door openings in one easy-to-access place. Content is presented consistently across chapters so professionals can find what they need quickly and reliably, and the book is illustrated with charts, photographs, and architectural details to more easily and meaningfully convey key information. Organized according to industry standards, each chapter focuses on a component of the door opening or door hardware and provides all options available, complete with everything professionals need to know about that component. When designing, specifying, creating, and reviewing shop drawings for door openings, there are many elements to consider: physical items, such as the door, frame, and hanging devices; the opening's function; local codes and standards related to fire, life safety, and accessibility; aesthetics; quality and longevity versus cost; hardware cycle tests; security considerations; and electrified hardware requirements, to name a few. Until now, there hasn't been a single resource for this information. The only resource available that consolidates all the door and hardware standards and guidelines into one comprehensive publication Consistently formatted across chapters and topics for ease of use Packed with drawings and photographs Serves as a valuable study aid for DHI's certification exams If you're a professional tired of referring to numerous product magazines or endless online searches only to find short, out-of-date material, Illustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selection gives you everything you need in one convenient, comprehensive resource.
Foreword VII Acknowledgments IX User Guide XI Who This Book Is For XI How This Book Is Organized XII How to Use This Book XII About the Author XIII Introduction XV Associations XV Codes XVIII Finishes XIX Grades XXIV Handing XXIV Materials XXV Fire Rating XXV Listing XXVI Specifications XXVI Standards XXIX Submittals XXXI Substitutions XXXI Sustainability XXXI Chapter 1: HANGING DEVICES 1 Hinges 1 Continuous Hinges 28 Pivots 46 Floor Closers 58 Sliding and Folding Door Hardware 70 References 80 Chapter 2: SECURING DEVICES 85 Inactive Leaf of Pairs of Doors 85 Bolts 86 Cylinders for Locking Devices 98 Dummy Trim 110 Electric Strikes 116 Panic and Fire Exit Hardware 122 Removable Mullions 148 Two- or Three-Point Locksets 151 Unlatch Devices 165 Electromagnetic Locksets 169 Active Leaf of Pair or Single Door 177 Cylinder for Locking Devices 177 Deadlocks 178 Door Position Switches 184 Dummy Trim 184 Dutch Door Bolts 184 Electric Strikes 184 Electromagnetic Locksets 185 Latchsets and Locksets 185 Panic and Fire Exit Hardware 218 Two- or Three-Point Locksets 218 Unlatch Devices 218 References 218 Chapter 3: OPERATING TRIM 225 Door Pulls 225 Push Plates 231 Push and Pull Bars 236 References 239 Chapter 4: ACCESSORIES FOR PAIRS OF DOORS ONLY 243 Coordinator 243 Carry Bar 247 References 249 Chapter 5: CLOSING AND CONTROL DEVICES 253 Door Closer 253 Electronic or Pneumatic Door Closers 263 Power-Operated Door Closers 268 Overhead Door Stops and or Holders 274 References 279 Chapter 6: PROTECTIVE PLATES AND TRIM 283 Armor Plates 283 Door Edge Guards 288 Kickplates 292 Mop Plates 300 Stretcher Plates 304 References 308 Chapter 7: STOPS AND HOLDERS 311 Door Holders 311 Electromagnetic Door Holders 314 Floor Stops 318 Wall Stops 322 References 326 Chapter 8: ACCESSORIES 329 Astragals 329 Threshold 333 Weatherstripping and Gasketing 339 References 347 Chapter 9: MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS 351 Bumper Guard 351 Card Holders 353 Coat Hooks 355 Decals 357 Gate Latch 359 Guard 360 Knockers 362 Latch Protector 364 Letterbox Plates 366 Magnetic Catch 368 Roller Latch 369 Signage Room Name Plates and Numbers 370 Silencers 373 Vertical Rod Cover 376 Viewer 377 Wire Pull 379 Smoke and Fire Detection Devices 380 References 380 Chapter 10: MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS 383 Computers 383 Drawings and Diagrams 383 Electromechanical Hardware 385 Key Control Cabinets 391 Key Control Software 391 Manuals 391 Wire 392 References 392 Index 395
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