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David Maidment
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Introducing Hydrology's New Benchmark Reference Here's the first book in nearly 30 years to provide comprehensive coverage of the current state of hydrologic knowledge and practice--saving you hours of time tracking down the latest techniques in professional journals. Maidment's Handbook of Hydrology includes the contributions of more than 50 international authorities, who provide you with practical methods of solving problems in every aspect of the field, including the increasing application of geostatistics and computer models. You'll discover more effective ways to... mitigate the impact of floods through better urban drainage; assess the water supplies of cities and farming areas; prevent the pollution of natural waters; halt the damaging effects of erosion; protect wilddlife and preserve wetlands; contain and remove contaminants in waterways; and much more.
CONTRIBUTORSINTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARDPRACTITIONER ADVISORY BOARDABOUT THE EDITOR IN CHIEFPREFACEPart 1: Hydrologic CycleChapter 1: Hydrology (D.R. Maidment)Chapter 2: Climatology (E.M. Rassmusson, R.E. Dickinson, J.E. Kutzbach, and M.K. Cleveland)Chapter 3: Precipitation (J.A. Smith)Chapter 4: Evaporation (W.J. Shuttleworth)Chapter 5: Infiltration and Soil Water Movement (W.J. Rawls, L.R. Ahuja, D.L. Brakensiek, and A. Shirmohammadi)Chapter 6: Groundwater Flow (L. Smith and S.J. Wheatcraft)Chapter 7: Snow and Floating Ice (D.M. Gray and T.D. Prowse)Chapter 8: Streamflow (M.P. Mosley and A.I. McKerchar)Chapter 9: Flood Runoff (D.H. Pilgrim and I. Cordery)Chapter 10: Flow Routing (D.L. Fread)Part 2: Hydrologic TransportChapter 11: Water Quality (S.C. McCutcheon, J.L. Martin and T.O. Barnwell, Jr.)Chapter 12: Erosion and Sediment Transport (H.W. Shen and P. Julien)Chapter 13: Hydrologic Effects of Land Use Change (J.R. Calder)Chapter 14: Contaminant Transport in Surface Water (W.C. Huber)Chapter 15: Contaminant Transport in Unsaturated Flow (R.J. Charbeneau and D.E. Daniel)Chapter 16: Contaminant Transport in Groundwater (J.W. Mercer and R.K. Waddell)Part 3: Hydrologic StatisticsChapter 17: Statistical Treatment of Hydrologic Data (R.M. Hirsch, D.R. Helsel, T.A. Cohn, and E.J. Gilroy)Chapter 18: Frequency Analysis of Extreme Events (J.R. Stedinger, R.M. Vogel, and E. Fourfouta-Georgiou)Chapter 19: Analysis and Modelling of Hydrologic Time Series (J.D. Salas)Chapter 20: Geostatistics (P.K. Kitanidis)Part 4: Hydrologic TechnologyChapter 21: Computer Models for Surface Water (J.J. DeVries and T.V. Hromadka II)Chapter 22: Computer Models for Subsurface Water (M.P. Anderson, D.S. Ward, E.G. Lappala, and T.A. Prickett)Chapter 23: Advances in Hydrologic Computation (R.D. Dodson)Chapter 24: Remote Sensing (E.T. Engman)Chapter 25: Automated Data Acquisition and Transmission (V.J. Latkovich and G.H. Leavesley)Chapter 26: Hydrologic Forecasting (D.L. Lettenmaier and E.F. Wood)Chapter 27: Hydrologic Design for Water Use (T.A. McMahon)Chapter 28: Hydrologic Design for Urban Drainage and Flood Control (B.R. Urbanas and L.A. Roesner)Chapter 29: Hydrologic Design for Groundwater Pollution Control (P.E. Bedient, F.W. Schwartz, and H.S. Rifai)
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