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Construction Project Management Research Compendium: Volume 2 pdf Download

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Faisal Manzoor Arain
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Nova Science
A presentation of the various facets of construction project management. The diverse areas discussed include an evaluation of a project management measurement framework that was used to cluster construction project management critical success factors. Consultants perspective on the main factors affecting the performance of construction projects, and the nature and impact of variation orders on the overall project performance are discussed as important aspects of effective construction project management.
Table of Contents: Preface pp. i-vii 1. Disseminating Project Knowledge within Construction Organisations: The Case in Sri Lankan Construction Industry (Sepani Senaratne and B.H.C. Jeevanthi) pp. 1-20 2. Integrated Benefit-Cost Analysis for Planning of Urban Networks (Mohamed Marzouk, Jehan Faissal and Moheeb El-Said) pp. 21-36 3. Causes of Diminutive Participation of Professional Women in Pakistan’s Construction Industry (Faisal Manzoor Arain and Sarwat Abbasy) pp. 37-54 4. Assessment of Risk Management Perception and Practices of Construction Contractors (Sadi A. Assaf and Ali Abdullah Al Salman)pp. 55-70 5. Factors Influencing Time and cost Overruns in Construction Projects in the Gaza Strip: Consultants' View (Adnan Enshassi, Mohan Kumaraswamy and Jomah Al-Najjar) pp. 71-86 6. Evaluation of Consultant Performance (Sadi A. Assaf and Mohammad Abdulwahab) pp. 87-108 7. An Exploratory Study on Construction Project Financing Offered by Commercial Banks in Malaysia (Mastura Jaafar, Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz and Anna Lau Siew Lin) pp. 109-122 8. Digitalizing the Construction Monitoring Process (Zubair Ahmed Memon, Tuaha Hussain Ali, Faisal Manzoor Arain and Nafees Ahmed Memon) pp. 123-136 9. Rethinking Construction Project Management Curriculum Reforms: Integration with a Broader Discipline at the Undergraduate Level (D. Owusu-Manu, E. Adinyira and E. Badu) pp. 137-158 10. Supply Chain Management in Construction: Case Studies from the UK, Sweden and Finland (Malik M.A. Khalfan, Per Erik Eriksson, Adekunle S. Oyegoke and Tayyab Maqsood) pp. 159-176 Index pp. 177-187
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