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J. Olivella, C. A. Brebbia
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This book examines the rapidly changing management, operation, design and building of maritime works and ports. It is essential for industry to incorporate new technologies into these areas in order to remain competitive and, as part of this process, it is necessary to create valid frames in which to present and analyse research activities developed by public and private enterprises and institutions. The papers featured in this volume were originally presented at the Second International Conference on Maritime Engineering and Ports, a key forum for the discussion and interchange of information between managers, operators, designers and the scientific and academic communities. Emphasis is placed on new areas of research and advanced subjects. Specific topics covered include port management, private and public ports, contributions from private and public sources, ship and port operators, multimode transportation in ports, environmental aspects, financial and legal aspects, multiuse of ports including tourism, marinas and port issues, information systems for ports and shipping, multimedia and other advanced techniques, systems of loading and unloading, emerging technologies in shipping and ports, man machine interfaces, standardisation, ergonomics in shipping, marine engineering works, maintenance problems, and construction of ports.
Section 1: Port management - The economical and social influence of the ports of Catalonia in its territorial organization. Considerations about the optimisation of its resources; Economic evaluation of port deepening projects; Conversion of a commercial dock for use by leisure craft; Port logistics cost of multiple countries consolidation (MCC) cargo: a comparative analysis between Kaohsiung and Hong Kong; Numerical modelling studies to predict the potential impact on the sediment transport of a proposed Outer Harbour at Great Yarmouth, UK;Dynamic control concept for port development; The composition of the crews of the vessels entering Barcelona harbour. Section 2: Ship and port operations - The safety of ship movement in a port water area; Co-operation in maritime and port industry and its effects on markets structure; Enhancement of human reliability in port and shipping operations; Ports for Mediterranean transportation system with mobile interchange structures; Container stowing plans in a maritime terminal; The influence of wake wash in ports operation. Section 3: Environmental aspects - Environmental impact of port activities; Analysis of pollution incidents at sea and those caused by port operations; The new EU directive on port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues: an evaluation; Development of a monitoring model for a North-African port and lake system - a new design approach; Guidelines for port environmental management; Sustainable development of the Scheldt Estuary: building an integral vision on navigation, environment and safety. Section 4: Marinas and ports issues - Economic and environmental impacts from the operation of marinas: the Greek case; The conditions and problems of Turkish yacht tourism; Prospects of boating in Italy. Section 5: Information systems for ports issues - The neural method of sea bottom shape modelling for the spatial maritime information system; An expert system for the vessel traffic management in the Szczecin-Swinoujscie fairway; The MARSK II project: development of a system of maritime skill training through information and communication technologies. Section 6: Marine engineering works - Innovations in breakwater design: driven caissons & bridge breakwaters; Beirut sea front hydraulic design; Proposal on advanced monitoring system and data analysis for ship structural safety; Minimization of the environmental impact produced by the biofouling treatment in tubular surfaces made of stainless steel AISI 316L by means of different chlorine techniques; Experimental investigation of the seismic response of rubble - mound breakwaters; Increase of bearing capacity of foundation soil in Port of Koper (Slovenia). Section 7: Maintenance problems - Damages to goods transported in dry box containers by maintenance deficiencies; Basic ice handling method in Finnish ports; Estimation of chloride ingress into concrete in marine environment; Three dimensional soil-structure analysis of Port-Said east key wall.
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