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Allan Ashworth
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Fully updated to take into account recent legislation, this book provides a sound basis for students. It gives them an understanding of the principles involved in contractual and procurement arrangements in the construction industry. Ideal for those studying for EDEXCEL, HNC/D and especially undergraduate degree courses in building, surveying, construction management, architecture and architectural technology.
List of FiguresList of TablesList of Boxes PrefaceAcknowledgementsTable of relevant statutes Part 1 Contract Law 1. The English Legal System 2. Legal Aspects of Contracts 3. Discharge of Contracts 4. Remedies for Breach of Contract 5. Settlement of Disputes Part 2 Procurement. 6. Forms of Contract 7. Contract Strategy 8. Contract Procurement 9. Contract Selection 10. Contract Documents 11. Design and Build 12. Procurement in the Twenty-First Century 13. Lean Construction14. Partnering and Supply Chain Management Part 3 Process and Parties 15. The Construction Process. 16. Parties Involved in the Construction of Buildings. 17. Site Communications.18. Construcing Excellence in the Built Environment19. Health and Safety20. Sustainable Construction Part 4 Standard form of Building Contract 21. Introduction, Articles of Agreement, Appendix 22. Quality of Work During Construction 23. Costs of Construction 24. Time Factor of Construction 25. Works by Other Persons 26. Injury and Insurance of the Works 27. Fluctuations in the Costs 28. Financial Matters 29. Clauses of a General Nature Part 5 Subcontract Conditions 30. JCT Nominated Subcontract Documentation 31. JCT Nominated Subcontract Conditions (NSC/C) 32. Domestic Subcontract Conditions Part 6 Other Contract Conditions 33. Agreement for Minor Building Works 34. JCT Intermediate Form of Building Contract AppendixA Cases of InterestB Built Environment Web SitesC Professional Bodies in the Built Environment Bibliography
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