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Simulators for Transportation Human Factors: Research and Practice pdf Download

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Mark S. Young, Dr. Michael G. Lenne
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Simulation continues to be a growth area in transportation human factors. From empirical studies in the laboratory to the latest training techniques in the field, simulators offer myriad benefits for the experimenter and the practitioner. This book draws together current trends in research and training simulators for the road, rail, air and sea sectors to inform the reader how to maximize both validity and cost-effectiveness in each case. Simulators for Transportation Human Factors provides a valuable resource for both researchers and practitioners in transportation human factors on the use of simulators, giving readers concrete examples and case studies of how simulators have been developed and used in empirical research as well as training applications. It offers useful and usable information on the functional requirements of simulators without the need for any background knowledge on the technical aspects, focusing on the state of the art of research and applications in transport simulators rather than the state of the art of simulation technology. The book covers simulators in operational terms instead of task simulation/modelling and provides a useful balance between a bottom-up, academic approach and a top-down, practical perspective.
PART I: INTRODUCTION 1 Prologue Mark S. Young, Michael G. Lenne and Alex W. Stedmon م€€ PART II: ROAD 2 Driving simulators for research Gary Burnett, Catherine Harvey and Richard Donkor 3 Driver training Andrew Parkes and Nick Reed 4 Motorcycle simulator solutions for rider research Alex W. Stedmon, David Crundall, Dave Moore and Mark S. Young م€€ PART III: RAIL 5 Train simulators for research Arzoo Naghiyev and Sarah Sharples 6 Simulators and train driver training Anjum Naweed 7 Simulators in rail signaling Nora Balfe, David Golightly and Rebecca Charles م€€ PART IV: AIR 8 Flight simulator research and technologies Barbara G. Kanki, Peter M. T. Zaal and Mary K. Kaiser 9 Flight training John Huddlestone and Don Harris 10 Simulators for aircraft emergency evacuations Rebecca L. Grant, Dale Richards and Alex W. Stedmon م€€ PART V: MARITIME 11 Maritime research Margareta Lutzhoft, Paul Brown, Richard Dunham and Wessel M. A. van Leeuwen م€€ 12 Maritime bridge crew training Kjell Ivar Overgard, Linda Johnstone Sorensen, Magnus Hontvedt, Paul Nikolai Smit and Salman Nazir م€€ PART VI: CONCLUSIONS 13 The evolution of simulators in transportation human factors Michael G. Lenne and Mark S. Young
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