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G. Sciutto, C. A. Brebbia
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The management, operation, design and building of maritime works and ports is a field which has recently experienced rapid change and it is essential for industry to incorporate the latest technologies into the best designed systems in order to remain competitive. Reflecting these advances, this book features the proceedings of the First International Conference on Maritime Engineering and Ports which took place in September 1998. Held appropriately in the historic port of Genoa, Italy this meeting provided a forum for the discussion and interchange of information between managers, operators, designers and the scientific and academic communities. The papers included are divided under the following topics: Port Management; Port Infrastructure - Design and Construction; Port Infrastructure - Maintenance; Port Operation; Information Technology; Environment and Ports; Ship Operation; The Maritime Market and Ports Strategies; and Port Planning.
SECTION 1: PORT MANAGEMENT Human resources in ports taking into account the new safety culture in and around ships. A perspective from the Portuguese ports; Changing public port management in the Hamberg-Le Havre range; Comparison of European port authorities; Multimedia and other advanced training techniques; Human factors engineering for maritime systems; Improved port productivity through a partnership between human beings and technology. SECTION 2: PORTS INFRASTRUCTURE: DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION Fairway determination with simulation method as illustrated by the Port of Gdansk; The design of vertical wall breakwaters: the importance of the wave propagation model adopted;Development of armor block to use for submerged breakwaters in large tidal zones; Flow characteristics and flushing processes in marinas and coastal embayments; Public private partnership for integrated development of infrastructure. SECTION 3: PORT INFRASTRUTURE: MAINTENANCE A plan of utilization of AUVs in port area; Innovative techniques for quay-wall renovation and stabilisation. SECTION 4: PORT OPERATION Distributed development of simulation models for harbour processes; The port as intermodal node: models for yard planning and management; Container activities at terminals; A constraint satisfaction approach for master bay plans; The ship during cargo operations in port: the stability plays its role. SECTION 5: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY A simulator evaluates the support for safe and efficient shipping by VTMISs and TT; Ship's movement prediction in the Maritime Traffic Image Advanced System (MATIAS); Information technologies in the ports management: geographic information systems (GIS). SECTION 6: ENVIRONMENT AND PORTS Environmental management of port operations - the port sector's response to the European dimension; Air pollutant emissions from ships: high Tyrrhenian sea ports case study. SECTION 7: MARITIME MARKET AND PORTS STRATEGIES Strategies for Mediterranean port development; The future of small and medium sized ports; Coping with port competition in Europe: a state of the art; Transport accessibillity and port competitiveness: the case of Savona-Vado; Elimination of biofouling in heat exchangers-condensers by different chemical methods. SECTION 8: PORT PLANNING Views for the development of the Port of Thessaloniki based on the cost of the serving process; Port terminal sizing and its consequences on maritime transport efficiency; Developments in shipping and their consequences on port planning and design.
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