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Building Services Design for Energy Efficient Buildings pdf Download

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Paul Tymkow, Savvas Tassou, Maria Kolokotroni, Hussam Jouhara
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The role and influence of building services engineers is undergoing rapid change and is pivotal to achieving low-carbon buildings. However, textbooks in the field have largely focused on the detailed technicalities of HVAC systems, often with little wider context. This book addresses that need by embracing a contemporary understanding of energy efficiency imperatives, together with a strategic approach to the key design issues impacting upon carbon performance, in a concise manner. The key conceptual design issues for planning the principal systems that influence energy efficiency are examined in detail. In addition, the following issues are addressed in turn: Background issues for sustainability and the design process Developing a strategic approach to energy-efficient design How to undertake load assessments System comparison and selection Space planning for services Post-occupancy evaluation of completed building services In order to deliver sustainable buildings, a new perspective is needed amongst building and services engineering designers, from the outset of the conceptual design stage and throughout the whole design process. In this book, students and practitioners alike will find the ideal introduction to this new approach.
Introduction 1. Imperatives for an Energy-Efficient Built Environment 2. The Design Process 3. Generic Design Strategies for Low-Carbon Buildings 4. Post-Occupancy Evaluation for Optimal Energy and Environmental Performance 5. Energy Efficient Ventilation 6. Air Conditioning Systems 7. Cooling, Heating and Thermal Energy Distribution Systems in Buildings 8. Low Energy Approaches for the Thermal Control of Buildings 9. Electrical Systems, Controls and Metering 10. Building Thermal Load Calculations 11. Building Electric Power Load Assessment 12. Space Planning for Services
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