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Dr. Richard Kirkham
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This new edition of the classic quantity surveying textbook retains its basic structure but has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes in the industry, especially in procurement. Although over the last 20 years a number of new procurement methods have evolved and become adopted, the recession has seen many clients revert to established traditional methods of procurement so the fundamentals of cost planning still apply - and should not be ignored. The first edition of this leading textbook was published in 1964 and it continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to the practice and procedures of cost planning in the procurement of buildings. This 9th edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect changes that have occurred in the UK construction industry in the past six years. Whilst retaining its core structure of the three-phase cost planning process originally developed by Ferry and Brandon, the text provides a thorough grounding in contemporary issues including procurement innovation, whole life cycle costing and modelling techniques. Designed to support the core cost planning studies covered by students reading for degrees in quantity surveying and construction management, it provides a platform for understanding the fundamental importance of effective cost planning practice. The principals of elemental cost planning are covered from both pre- and post- contract perspectives; the role of effective briefing and client/stakeholder engagement as best practice is also reinforced in this text.   This new edition:   Addresses The Soft Landings Framework (a new govt. initiative, especially for schools) to make buildings perform radically better and much more sustainably. Puts focus on actual performance in use at brief stage, during design and construction, and especially before and after handover. Covers recent changes in procurement, especially under the NEC and PFI Provides more on PPP and long-term maintenance issues  Offers an improved companion website with tutorial worksheets for lecturers and Interactive spreadsheets for students, e.g. development appraisal models; lifecycle costing models
About the Authors vii Contributors to the Ninth Edition viii Preface to the First Edition ix Preface to the Ninth Edition x Acknowledgements xi Nomenclature and Acronyms xii About the Companion Website xiv INTRODUCTION 1. An Overview of Cost Planning 3 2. Building Information Modelling 13 3. A Three-Stage Cost Planning Strategy 23 PHASE I: COST PLANNING AT THE BRIEFING STAGE 4. Developers Motivations and Needs 31 5. Client Identification and the Briefing Process: Aligning the Client Need with the Brief and the Budget 39 6. The Economics of Cost Planning: The Time Value of Money and Cash Flow 59 7. Whole Life Planning: The Methodology of Whole Life Cycle Costing and Design for Sustainability 75 8. Construction Procurement and the Relationship with Project Costs 91 PHASE II: COST PLANNING AT THE DESIGN STAGE 9. The Design Process and the Project Life Cycle 109 10. Standard Methods of Cost Modelling in Design 128 11. Cost and Performance Data: Sourcing and Application to the Cost Plan 160 12. Construction Cost Indices 182 13. Cost Planning the Brief 195 14. Cost Planning at the Scheme Design Stage 209 PHASE III: COST PLANNING AND CONTROL AT PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONAL STAGES 15. Planning and Managing Project Resources and Costs 231 16. Resource-Based Cost Models 257 17. Cost Control (1): Final Design and Production Drawing Stage 270 18. Cost Control (2): Real Time 280 19. Cost Planning and Control of Refurbishment, Life Cycle Renewal and Repair Work 300 Appendix: Discounting and interest formulae and tables 307 Index 317
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