Computer Softwares Civil and architectural computer softwares, more than 1,700 titles
eBooks Civil and architectural eBooks, more than 24,000 titles
Documentaries Civil and architectural documentaries, more than 410 titles
Training Videos Civil and architectural training videos, more than 440 titles
Standards Civil engineering standards, more than 16,000 titles
Magazines Civil and architectural magazines, more than 9,700 titles
Scientific Papers Civil and architectural scientific papers, more than 850,000 titles
Engineering Documents Civil engineering documents, more than 57,000 titles
Dissertations Civil engineering dissertations, more than 25,000 titles

Over one million resources

CivilNode comprises over one million downloadable resources for civil and architectural engineers. We offer you lots of great features to search for these resources.

  • Advanced search tools
  • Searchability in all fields of information such as title, abstract, keyword, ISBN, etc.
  • Detailed subject categories (e.g., structural engineering, bridge engineering, etc.)
  • Complete and accurate information for each file
  • Have examples for checking files before downloading
  • Direct download (no shared link)
Over one million resources

Computer Softwares

CivilNode encompasses a variety of software packages in civil and architectural contexts. The software part of CivilNode is comprehensive and up-to-date. Here are some major categories of the available Packages:


One of the most exciting parts of CivilNode is its eBooks section. An essential feature of this section is the existence of an almost complete range of books by various publishers, as collected from oldest to latest. Some of the prominent publishers involved in this section are as follows:


CivilNode provides more than 410 films on various aspects of civil engineering and architecture. These films are produced by companies like Discovery, National Geographic, Modern Marvels, etc. The main areas of them are as follows:


The software training section of CivilNode consists of practical tutorials on software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, ArchiCAD, ArcGIS, Navisworks, etc. All training has examples included. The exercises produced by companies such as Lynda, Infinite Skills, Pluralsight, and Udemy. The main areas of these training are as follows:


CivilNode consists of basic civil engineering standards. It should be noted that CivilNode provides the essential design standards related to the civil engineering part of ASHRAE, BS, AS, CSA, DIN, CSA, IEC, ASTM, ISO, NFPA, and VDI. The AASHTO, ACI, ASCE, AWS, and AWWA standards fully implemented. The codes are as follows:


The magazine section of CivilNode takes in a wide range of applied magazines in architecture and civil engineering. Most of these magazines are monthly. Topics covered in these magazines include:

Scientific papers

The most impressive part of CivilNode is scientific papers. This section has about 435 titles of civil engineering and architecture journal papers. These journals have been collected from the beginning up to now. In CivilNode, full descriptions of each article are provided along with abstracts and keywords that do search for items more accurate. Some of the most prestigious publishers in this section include the following:

Engineering Documents

The engineering documents of CivilNode contain approximately 57,000 reports and descriptions of experiences in various fields of civil engineering that are not usually found in a book or an article. These experiences are mostly related to reporting and case studies in civil engineering projects and researches. These reports include: